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Let Us Handle Your

Operating Authority & Trucking Paperwork.

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M7 PERMITS will assist you in obtaining a new operating authority for your trucking firm or modifying an existing one. We give everything new and established carriers and businesses need to obtain, maintain, or adjust their existing authorization.

Services Provided by Regulatory Authorities

Services provided by the MC Number / ICC Authority include:

  • Request a New Authority

  • Restore authority that has been revoked

  • Existing Authority Name Changes

  • Changes to the current Authority should be addressed.

  • Transfer of Authority Ownership

  • Revocation of Authority on a Voluntary Basis

  • Obtain copies of the MC Permit.

Services for registering a USDOT number include:

  • Fill out an application for a new USDOT number.

  • Update your registration with the USDOT.

  • Reactivate your USDOT number after it has been revoked.

Filing Services for BOC-3

  • BOC-3 has a low one-time filing charge. There are no annual renewals.

UCR Registration Services

Types of Regulatory Authority

Be prepared for a world of confusion if you're a first-time applicant for MC authorization and plan to handle the process on your own.

Existing trucking businesses that are seeking increased authority may use the OP-series forms. The Unified Registration System will be mandatory for all new applicants (URS). The right form to submit and the level of insurance required will be determined by the type(s) of operating authority requested. Because the FMCSA does not reimburse application fees, choose only the operating authority that is relevant to the transportation business you will be operating.

To assist you with this initial decision, the FMSCA website provides a dedicated page Types of Operating Authority. Additional forms and fees must be filed after that. Several links on the Department of Transportation's website direct you to the countless pages of information you'll need to maintain while you go through all of the essential steps. Long wait times are warned on a banner providing customer support contact information, no doubt due to the complexity of the processes.

Paperwork in the Trucking Industry is Made Easier

By performing the legwork for you, M7 PERMITS simplifies the procedures for applying for all authorities and permits. Avoid wasting days, weeks, and even months of your time filling out paperwork. Allow M7 PERMITS to serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your authorization needs.

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