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IRP License Plates are available!

M7 PERMITS will speed up IRP registration and provide trucking permits as soon as possible, allowing your vehicles to use the nation's interstate highway systems legally.

IRP Service

Our knowledgeable staff will cut through the red tape to reduce administrative time and paperwork, and we can issue IRP License Plates.

IRP licensing is necessary for commercial trucks traveling between two or more states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canadian provinces.

Other License Plates

  • California Trailer Plates

  • Out of State Trailer Plates

  • Out of State Trailer Plates

Commercial trucks travelling across state boundaries on federal roadways must adhere to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the state permits of the regions they pass through.

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a multilateral agreement that divides gasoline taxes paid at the pump among states (or Canadian provinces) based on the number of miles driven in that state.

What are Trucking Permits?

State transportation agencies offer trucking permits, which authorize the usage of a transport truck inside the state's borders. They are, in general, tax licenses dependent on the motor carrier's weight.

Ensure that your vehicles have all of the necessary documentation to deliver goods across state lines.

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